Here you find some other (free) software projects that we have been working on... have fun browsing and using the applications.

PrivateOrganizer 2.0

PrivateOrganizer 2.0 is a program to manage address-data of your contacts. In addition, you can use this software to keep track of your personal tasks in a very efficient way. To learn more click here.

download (4.80 MB)

SciCa 3.0

SciCa 3.0 is a scientific calculator, which is able to evaluate complex mathematical expressions. In addition, this software enables you to visualize two-dimensional functions (y=y(x)-functions) graphically. To learn about all the features this software has to offer, please refer to the online-documentation of SciCa 3.0.

download (0.50 MB)

Wӧrterbuch Schwedisch-Deutsch 4.1

Wӧrterbuch Schwedisch-Deutsch 4.1 is a German-Swedish dictionary, helpful for translation of texts from Swedish to German and vice versa. The software also includes a vocabulary-trainer. For details, please read the online-documentation.

download (1.34 MB)

Euchler CMS 1.0

Euchler CMS 1.0 is a simple application to open and edit *.CSV files (Comma Separated Values). The intended use of this program is the management of dynamic content of web-sites. For details, please read the online-documentation.

download (1.40 MB)